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Novice Registration-Fall 2020

Registration for the Novice Men's and Women's Programs is now open. Novice's are high school aged athletes in their first year of rowing.  LGRC offers a 10 day trial for all perspective Novice athletes.

Perspective LGRC junior athletes, if you are starting your first year of rowing in high school, no matter what grade you are entering, you will join either the Novice Men's or Women's squad.  These squads do not require you to try out or have any rowing experience.  Everyone is welcome and the program is open enrollment.  
- Registration, Payment, and all forms are due by before your athlete can participate.
        -The Program Fee for the season is $4100.  That amount is divided into two equal payments of $2050 on or before September 3, 2020 and January 4, 2021.

10 Day Trial- $300
LGRC is offering a 10 Day Trial for perspective Novice Men and Women from September 8- 20.  Trial participants will practice with the novice team, meet your teammates and coaches, and have two weeks to decide if the sport is for you.  

The cost for the 10 Day trial is $300 and is non refundable.  If you choose to continue with the Novice Program once the trial is over, the $300 fee will be applied to the regular cost of the program and you will need to pay the difference of $1750 prior to the start of the practice on Monday, September 21, 2020.

To join the Novice Squad or the 10 Day trial you must complete the following five steps:


1. Create a user profile and Join LGRC by clicking on the following button: become an LGRC Member hereC


Membership type is JUNIOR ROWER

The member is the ATHLETE, not the Parent!  Follow the steps and enter the required information.  Make sure the info is correct or else we may have difficulty contacting you if needed.

2. Join US Rowing- Click on the following button and use the info below: 

The Club Code is GHZ7U (case sensitive)

The member is the ATHLETE, not the Parent!

The cost of membership is about $10.

3. Join the Novice Squad by signing into the website under the junior athletes profile.  Click on the appropriate button below:

10 Day Trial Registration

Novice Men's Trial Registration -
2020 - 2021 Novice Men's Trial Registration - 9/8/2020

Novice Women’s Trial Registration -
2020 - 2021 Novice Women's Trial Registration - 9/8/2020

Regular Program Registration:

Novice Men's Registration -
2020 - 2021 Novice Men's Registration - 9/8/2020

Novice Women’s Registration - 
2020 - 2021 Novice Women's Registration - 9/8/2020

4. Complete the attached Required Medical Forms and turn them in by September 3, 2020. We understand that due to Covid-19, it may be difficult to get a physical examintation.  Please turn in the other forms and try to schedule a physical exam as soon as possible. The forms can be dropped off at the boathouse Monday - Friday, from 1 - 3pm .  The Medical Forms can be found by clicking on the following button: 

LGRC Medical Forms V2

5. Junior Code of Conduct Forms:  Please fill out the two documents below and turn them in by September 3, 2020.

Junior Code of Conduct

Junior Code of Conduct Acknowledgement Signature Form


Thank you to our supportERS
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