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Rowing on Lexington Reservoir since 1979
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Sweep Rowing on Lexington

Masters Practice on Lexington

Sweep Programs

2021 Covid-18 Update

Our Masters programs have shifted to rowing in singles and we are not yet able to offer Learn to Row sessions in 2021. Please fill out the request for more information form below to be notified when our regular rowing sessions begin. 

Novice Sweep

The Novice Sweep program is a co-ed program for both beginning rowers and our second year rowers. Newly graduated Learn to Row attendees will focus on improving basic skills, fitness and knowledge of rowing. Rowers can then move to the intermediate group within the program to further their rowing development. 

Rowers take turns in the coxswain seat “coxing” to help their teammates navigate Lexington Reservoir safely and to improve their knowledge of the sport. A coach will always be nearby in a launch. Rowers are typically in Novice/Intermediate Sweep for 1-2 years before moving up to Advanced Sweep.

Rowers compete in local and away regattas that have novice-specific events – lots of fun competition against teams from other rowing clubs!  Race distances are 5,000 meters during the fall “head season” and 1,000 meters during the spring/summer “sprint season.”

Prerequisites:  Learn To Row or previous rowing experience. Club membership is required.

Advanced Sweep Program 
This program is for member athletes of all ages who have a solid background in rowing through novice sweep or other prior rowing experience and want to take their skills to the next level while challenging their fitness, strength and racing skills. Classes take place in 8s, 4s and small boats (singles, double, pairs). Coaches aim to group similar ability levels together and are responsible for setting line-ups at practice and regattas.  There are separate competitive programs for men and women.

Prerequisites:  Novice Sweep or previous rowing experience.  Club membership is required. 

Competitive Sweep Program
This program for our women's team focuses its training to prepare rowers for specific races throughout the season. Participation in this program requires both time trial and skills evaluation before joining. Training take place in 8s, 4s and small boats (singles, double, pairs).

Prerequisites:  Previous rowing experience and Competitive Sweep Coach approval.  Club membership is required. 

Membership and Program Fees: 
Club membership is a yearly fee of $300 for those under 27 and $600 for those over 27 for the Novice/Intermediate and Advanced Programs (pro-rated the first year if joining after January).  This fee helps cover the equipment and overhead costs, giving members access to the boathouse and equipment. 

Coaching fees are required to participate in both programs and is determined by the number of sessions in a given program. Examples below: 

 - Winter Program 2019- $270 (novice),  $385 (advanced) 
 - Spring Program 2018: $385
 - Fall Program 2018: $380 

The fall and spring are longer than the winter program in terms of # of days.

For more information on membership, program details and how to register please fill out the form below.

Request for more Information


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