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Rowing on Lexington Reservoir since 1979
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Two Learn to Row Boats Ready to Launch

Learn to Row

Learn to Row is a sweep rowing program for ages 18 and up. The program caters to adults from all athletic backgrounds, ages and fitness levels. 

2021 Covid-18 Update

Our Masters programs have shifted to rowing in singles and we are not yet able to offer Learn to Row sessions in 2021. Please fill out the interest form to be notified when our regular rowing sessions begin. 

Never been much of an athlete? We welcome you! No experience with water sports? No problem!  Are you a runner, cyclist or other type of athlete who wants to try a new sport? Rowing is a total-body, low-impact form of exercise!  We do require that you be able to life 30 lbs overhead, since rowing does require rowers to take the boats from the boathouse down to the dock. 

Learn to Row Interest Form

Class Overview
The program begins with a short introduction to rowing technique on our Concept 2 indoor rowing machines and quickly moves on to the water in a shell (boat) with 8 rowers and a coxswain. The coxswain keeps the boat safe and on course.  The coach will be alongside you coaching from a small launch. You’ll become familiar with rowing terminology, equipment handling, safety guidelines, and technique fundamentals, all while having fun of course!  

Next Steps after Attending a Learn to Row
Upon successful completion of attending all four days within your session of Learn to Row session, you have the option join our novice team for a two week trial free of charge immediately following Learn to Row.

Joining the Novice Program
If you decide you love your time in the Learn to Row program (which we hope you do!), you would then become a member of the club which includes both a membership fee and a coaching fee.  

The novice team meets in the mornings 5:30 am - 7:30 am Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings.   

Membership Fee - Under 27 ($300/year) and 27+ ($600). We pro-rate the fee for the first year of membership based on what month you join the club.  

Coaching Fee - We have a dedicated coach who will be teaching you more and more about rowing three times a week. Here are the historical fees for the novice coaching fees

Winter Program 2019- $270 (early Feb - early April) 
Spring Program 2018: $385 (mid April - mid July)
Fall Program 2018: $380 (late August - mid November)

Thank you to our supportERS
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